Many small pebbles add up to a mountain

So the character customization is pretty much done I guess. I’m currently working on the testing area where the users should be able to test out their gear locally before finding a match. I’ve been having a hard time focusing on my own specialization project as more and more issues come up and are presented in the main project.

Sounds should be added, weapons that need tweaking, xml readers that need rework are just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve been up to this week. I’m not entirely satisfied with the current system that I’ve implemented but it works and produces most of what I was after at the start of the project.

The player can now choose from 4 different weapons in the categories:

  • Chain

This category allows the player to equip a passive bonues modifier to your character. The two available ones at the moment give you either +20% impact damage or a flat +20 hp and +10 shields. This opens up for more tactical choices when playing with your friends where you might want the one carrying the flag to have more hit points while your friends go for more damage to keep the enemy away from you.

  • Left
  • Right

These are going to be your main offensive weapons! Right now you can equip each slot with either a mine dispenser that places explosive proximity mines. Or you can choose a rocket launcher that fires explosive rockets that deals aoe damage upon impact.

  • Engine

This is the slot that lets you improve your movement on the battlefield. Right now you can choose to equip it with a turbo that increases both your maximum allowed speed and increases your speed over 2 seconds. This is great to give you that extra speed to increase your impact damage and catch up to enemies.


For the graphical portion of the customization system, you can for now select the color of your character for the deathmatch and race mode. You can also choose the appearance of your character by selecting from different textures available to you.

For the robot… Well, lets just say that the hats that you’ve seen in the earlier videos have found a new home!


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