Problems With baking Lightmaps

Last week was the worst so far. I tried to bake light maps for my low polly but everything just went wrong. My idea was basically to batch bake Ao and my global lights from final gather to my high polly models and later transfer the color to my low poly models. Turn out it is not as easy is you may think. Why would I want to to this you may ask, well it would simply produce a better quality ao/lightmap. The reason for that is because my parts are “floating” and crossing each other, they are not connected with planes to one solid mesh . The problem occur when planes are perpendicular, the ray casts misses the infinite thin planes. At least I think that is the problem. You can see the image below the errors that occur with floating parts, the ao is missing.BadAp


So when trying to bake lights these problems occur:

Problem 1:

I have no uv maps for my high polly models, so the color have to be bakes in to the vertices of my high poly models. But when I’m trying to do a “transfer map” with the diffuse color, to the lowpoly, the program is only sampling from the grey lambert texture and not the vertices.

Problem 2:

When I want to export my models to Meshlab or xnormal for a vertex to texture color transfer, the vertices color won’t follow. Neither with fbx or obj file exports.

Problem 3:

Xnormal crashes when trying to read an fbx file.

Problem 4:

When trying to bake a lightmap directly to the low pollys texture with transfer maps with the highpolly as source, the program often crashes. And on top of that the transfer maps bake light doesn’t seem to support raytrace shadows or lightmaps, only diffuse.

Problem 5:

Prelight bake looks horrible because it doesn’t support raytrace shadows, only lightmaps.

I have moves on with the texturing and making a new hud. I hope that I will find a solution for the lightbake problem otherwise I will have use the unity lights. That a waste because I have used large textures for making light bake possible.

My textures:garageTexture

My Light that i wish to bake to my textures.



My optimized mesh.LowPolyopti

my nicely hacked mesh for baking light to the vertices(hight poly).garage_hacked

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