Things Takes Time.




Estimate time is always hard, especially when it comes to cg, new problems often occur and smaller tasks are forgotten when planing. A teacher once told me a mathematical solution for planing. Take the estimated time and multiply it by pi and you will get closer to the truth. I guess that is correct, think of uv mapping for example, simple objects can turn pretty complex. Its even harder when Maya has a bug not showing the right normal direction after duplicating an object. It took a while to figure out why my baked maps looked bad. The solution was to combine and split meshes.harduvs

The GUI has taken shape, and a new logo. It can be hard to keep stuff minimalistic and clean but i think i succeeded. It makes a good contrast with the messy 3d background.  The menu will be 2.5 which will give some cool parallax.The blue glows bleeds over the surrounding buttons which is a problem for the raycast when pressing the buttons. the solution was making small invisible hit-boxes, so u don’t hit multiple buttons at the same time.icons

One map baked, i just wanted to show the render time , my computer seams to be slower then the rest, ancient dual core…rendertimes

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