I’m the new guy in the ImpactO team but that hasn’t stopped me from diving straight into the code and generally running around supporting the others wherever I’ve been needed. Spent first half of this week mostly on behind the scenes stuff like player, score, and gamemode management so nothing really exciting visually. I did however whip up a fast scoreboard just to display that everything else worked as intended even over the network.


So far things have been progressing fast and the game is still very early in development but is basically playable after only two days of active coding.

The rest of the week my main focus will be on my own specialization project which is to procedurally generate levels for ImpactOs new racing mode.


Still rolling!

And so it begins, finally! I have been poking around a little with controls for the vehicle and some other stuff the last couple of months on my spare time, but now I can work on it full time (and maybe a little more). I’m once again in charge of the vehicle model and controls, also I’m going to implement a client-server model with client-side prediction for our networking. In our previous game we had a peer-to-peer model of sort which ended up somewhat messy and unstable, this time around our networking is going to be much much better ( We have had plenty of time to think things through ).

The initial results from the player controls are quite promising, there is significantly less “bouncing” now and we can have a much higher speed without losing control completely. Increasing the speed did make it more difficult to hit each other so we are still keeping at moderate levels. Speed isn’t everything though, we have a lot of exciting ideas in the work that will be presented as the project rolls forward 😉

Til next time /Felix

ImpactO goes Serious!

Hello community!

I will start of by giving all old and all new followers a big hug for supporting our upcoming game. My name is Peter and I worked as the network programmer at our first ImpactO project back in 2012. This time I will still handle a lot of networking functionality and features as my specialization project involves user management and player matchmaking. We will trash our old direct connect solution (the one when the user had to type the server IP-address before connecting) and instead match players together in a quick and easy way…sounds smooth, right? Make sure to read my full research for this project under the category MS1



Developer testing

So the graphical artists have posted some really nice looking stuff and I feel it’s my duty to show you what it looks like when we developers start out.


Very bland scene with placeholder models and bad lighting, but hey I can move stuff around and test things out freely, in my own personal secluded area. Developer videos will also be coming up later on and we will try showing you some weekly builds.

Hold the Flag


Hello, my name is Jonas and I’m one of the new members of Team ImpactO. I’m a 3d artist with a passion for games.

I going to delve into the world of level design and environment creation during this project. I’m going to try and make a fun and exciting level for our prototype with some new concepts in mind.

We are going to introduce a new game mode called “Hold the Flag” which will be the foundation for the new level. So during the next couple of weeks i will post design progress, screenshots and concepts to give you a picture of what to expect from the game.


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New visions

If you reading this you probably already know that the old in Impacto game has been resumed. Old ideas that we had to put aside, because of lack of time, is now in the works. I am  a 3d artist, my job these weeks will be designing parts for the character and the new customization menu:) I will post images and movies of cool items and props so you all can have something to look forward to or maybe have opinions about.

This is the first layout of the menu.


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The Character

Hello everyone!

My part in this specialization project will be rigging and animation. Thus I will be in charge of the player character.

The character is a robot who can turn itself into a ball, to move faster and be more durable. For now the only way to transform out of the ball will be to pick up the flag in the HTF (Hold the Flag) mode.



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