RED Workflow

I would just like to show the workflow that I use with the RED files, a workflow that was presented a couple of weeks ago by Simon Tingell from Trickfabriken. REDWorkflow

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Busy week

This week I’ve been busy with a little of everything. It started out with the modeling of the second helicopter, which hull I’ve redone three times I think, each time using different methods to get the best edgeflow for smoothing. I ended up using the method I feel most comfortable with, namely “edge extrusion modeling”, where I start out with a simple plane which edges I extrude to get the desired shape.


Modeling came to a halt on Wednesday when it was time to go out in the real, cold and snowy world and shoot my material together with camera man Mattias. It was 2-3 pretty hectic hours, filming in a public place with cars and people and whatnot definitely has it disadvantages but somehow we got all my material without anyone freezing to death.

Today I’ve edited some of the material, exported it and started tracking the clip that needs to be tracked. And all I can say is that I’m glad that we used a RED ONE camera because with any lesser picture quality the need to track frame for frame would have been huge. I’m also glad I decided to do a 180 on set, so I at least have a street light to track, instead of nothing as it would have been if I had shot from the angle I first intended.


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First week of modeling

The first week of modeling is over and it is a wrap on the Mi-28 Havoc. Next up will be modeling the Ka-60 Kasatka and on Wednesday it’s Lights! Sound! Camera! Action!HavocWrap

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First post!

Welcome to my blog, here I will post everything related to my specialization project.

This is the second week of work, last week was all about research and preparations. Been testing out how the .R3D format works as well as watched a whole lot of Alien-invasion-movies and war-movies, just for inspiration of course.


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