So rendering was problematic. Because of long render times I decided to use the Rebus renderfarm. I did a lot of single-frame test renders before I sent away a longer sequence and the tests all looked good, the only downside to Rebus is that it splits all the passes in my exr files to different files. So everything is fine and dandy and I render out 50 frames of 100 to start with, but when I start to shuffle out the passes to build my beauty in Nuke I notice that the only thing that looks right is my master beauty, all the passes are messed up, something I earlier though was caused by the motion vector pass.

The weird looking passes and how it should look

The weird looking passes and how it should look

I spend then whole next day just trying to pinpoint the problem, changing something, re-render, change something else, re-render and so on. Finally, at the end of the day I discover that it’s the AO pass that’s causing all the trouble, as soon as I delete that everything works like a charm. As soon as that is fixed I start rendering out the heavy beautys on Rebus and lighter stuff on my computer, like motion vector and depth passes.

However, I will have to re-render the flyby scene because of an annoying light I simply forgot to delete, but I can still do all the compositing with the sequence I’ve got and then just switch it to the re-rendered one so it’s no big deal.

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