First behavior finished

Last week I finished my first AI-behavior which is a wander behavior. The solution is based on the paper “Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters” by Craig Reynolds, and isn’t difficult to implement. However I made a very silly and simple mistake with a pointer so most of the entities ended up with the exact same movement. This took much more time to find than it should (don’t do your code checks then you are tired), a very annoying noob mistake.

So far the wander behavior isn’t a part of a behavior tree but I wanted to to finish at least one behavior before creating my tree structure.

This week I will implement my behavior tree structure and the big challenge is that I want to do it in a data oriented way without virtual functions and heritage. The only things I have found on data oriented behavior trees are Björn Knafla’s posts in #AltDevBlogADay and I think I will do something like his example with a traversal stack, but nothing is set in stone.

/Per Erskjäns

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