Crunch Time

The last few days before milestone 3.
I’m currently mostly debugging and balancing it all now, there are of course some features I wanted to implement, but didn’t find time to.

Now a score screen pops up when either AI has won, a victory screen for when Edai wins, and a defeat screen when Edai lose. This helps with Match time scoring, and I have also implemented a few different mathematical algorithms that calculates score when Edai wins fast (higher score, lower if it takes long), and loses slowly (if Edai managed to survive for long, a higher score is rewarded for used rules, and punished if it loses fast).

The rulebook is now purged every 15 matches (resets the weights of all rules to 0), to encourage other rules to surface, as well as possibly increase the rate at which the AI changes tactics if the old ones are not working very well.

I have also tried to come up with something that I call a “pessimistic function”, a function that analyzes how bad something works, and only punishes. But I haven’t been able to figure one out. I wanted one because pretty much all the other functions are quite rewarding, and I wanted something that could punish a rule quite harshly if it did bad.

Last, but not least, Edai is winning quite a lot now, I don’t have any actual numbers, but it feels like it’s around 50% now. Compared to before when it only won like 5 games in about 50 or so.

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