Progress report and some project changes

I have implemented a simple match analyzer that just analyzes how many kills and deaths each unit got during the match, and then uses that to re-weight the rule related to that unit. I have also been thinking about how I should expand the analyzation module by adding more analyzation methods. A few came to my mind today and I will start implementing one of them tomorrow. I want to make the analyzation/weighting module as reactive as possible, so that it doesn’t take to long for the AI to change it’s tactics if the player start doing different things than he/she used to.

On another note, Edai has managed to win three matches against the Default AI, though by chance, since the analyzation/weighting module hadn’t been implemented yet. But it showed me that my LUA generator was able to generate a script that could beat the Default AI.

Regarding the “project changes”, I’m thinking about removing the part where Edai is able to learn new tactics from it’s opponent. This because I feel it will not contribute with anything in this game. Though I may just implement a simpler tactics analyzer that generates a new rule, just for the sake of doing it… Even though it will not noticeably change anything in the game.

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