Analyzation Module

I’ve started with the analyzation module since my last post. I’ve not gotten much done in the past week since I have been busy with other school related things. But I have managed to figure out how I should analyze the AI’s performance in a game. At least on a simpler level. I still have to / want to figure out a few more ways to analyze how it is performing. It will, at least to begin with, analyze a unittype’s kills and deaths, to determine how effective it is. I will most likely also ad in something that keeps track of which unit is good against what, and from that help determine which units that should be chosen for the script.

I have also found some smaller bugs in my LUA generation script, one where turrets were put in a force (attacking or defending), this didn’t affect anything as far as I know, but I found it illogical. I also found a bug where the second attacking force wasn’t ordered to attack in the unit production loop in the script.


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