Testvideo and LUA generation

Decided I wanted to try and upload a video for the blog, it’s just a minute long video showing my modified AI in blue and the default AI in red. I’ve also sped up the game play a bit there, so it wont take so long to see the results of my changes.
I will upload more videos later as well. I used GLC, since I’m working in Linux, to capture the video, and that is partially the reason I wanted to try to upload a video, just to see if there for some reason would be some sort of problem with the captured and re encoded video on the blog.


I think I’m done with the LUA generation, it’ll need some balancing and I’m sure I will change it a few times later. But it is now working pretty much as I originally intended, and I will now start working on the weighing system and the analyzation system (the one that only will analyze how each unit performs).

EDIT: Since some seem to have trouble watching the video, I will temporarily provide a direct link to the video as well. I will look in to this though… Link here.

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