Short update before milestone 2

Milestone 2 is soon here and I’m currently little off schedule. It’s no crisis, it just means less time with the lag compensation. I still have 4 weeks of development left after this milestone and It would probably be enough to create what I had in mind.

Anyway, I’m currently testing things and I will probably have reliability by tomorrow and ZebNet implemented to the demo by Monday, which is the milestone 2 deadline. The flow control should be in place by then too, but it is not to be counted.

I can confirm that the project works well in both Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows (7) in it’s current state and it should also work on the OS X. I will not make any tests on OS X since it would take too much time to test all 3 operative systems.

That’s it for now, next post will be more interesting. I will release a movie on the results and maybe even put up public executables. Look forward to it.


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