Development Started!

After lots of planning and researching it’s finally time to start the development. I’m quite satisfied with the research and planning phase to be honest. To be straight and honest, I’m a huge time optimist. The planning is probably very optimistic, but hopefully will my stubbornness make it in time anyway(don’t worry, I have a plan B also). I have added the first milestone public (you can find it in the right menu) and it contains the project plan, a new schedule (found in the schedule page also), a rough system design and a research document. If you are interested in game networking, I recommend to take a look at my research document, there are some very interesting articles that I do recommend.

Except planning and such, I have set up some of my develop environment. Boost 1.48 library has been installed, compiled and tested. Ready to create a basic server and a client with Asio.

In a close future I will make a new post and make a short description of my design and decisions.

/ Seb

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