World generation improvements

This far the generation of the world has been decided by randomly shot rays in front of the camera to see which voxels are visible. This method works but not good, it is to slow and the random component makes the loading look strange. We have tried to fins a better solution this week but have yet to find one. The main problem here is that the rays shot on the CPU is too slow to be able to find the surface of the visible world fast enough.

We have also started implementing threading for the world generation to reduce the lagspikes in framerate we get when many chunks needs to be loaded at the same time. The plan was to use the new std threads but getting C++11 working in windows was a bigger time consumer than planed. However it is now working and the coding can be resumed.

Next week will probably be focused on the same thing as we still have a lot to do in this part of the project.

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