Textures and lighting

Work has kept going at a steady rate this week. The start of the week was focused on getting the SSE optimised implementation of simplex noise to work on both windows and linux. This was a bit troublesome since it was not written with windows in mind and after porting it we ran into problems related to memory alignment and similar.

Texturing was straight-forward to implement and didn’t show any problems. That was finished relatively early during the week. The rest of the week was spent on mainly two things. Firstly, modifying the implementation of the chunk grid that keeps all loaded chunks. It had to be able to follow the camera, aligning itself to it along the grid to make it possible to have an infinite world where new parts are loaded into the scene from the sides when the grid moves. The other feature that was implemented was coloured local lighting. A block may be set to emit light with various levels of red, green and blue. These are combined to create most colours. The light has yet to go into nearby chunks.


Progress pictures and videos:



And a bug with the transparancy that looked a bit cool:

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