Progress Update (2012-02-17)

Going to be more of a daily update today, since my wednesday update more or less covered what I’ve been up to this week.

Anyway, I’ve reworked my run-cycle a bit following the feedback I’ve recieved – giving it some sideways motion to make it more interesting from behind, aswell as making the leg movements less extreme – and I have to say, it looks far better now.

I’ve also worked a bit on the turn-animation, to make sure the feet weren’t sliding around, and I found a pretty simple way of doing it – using (temporary) joints as snapping points, making sure that the heel pivot – which is where my characters feet rotate around – doesn’t leave the spot. I had to do it this way since my character rotates around it’s origin when turning in-game.

There will be no video demonstration today, but I’ll be sure to post something following MS2 on Monday.

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