Progress Update (2012-02-15)

Just updating with a small demo of the current animations in action.

The video demonstrates the Idle, RunningForwards, TurningLeft, TurningRight and WalkingBackwards as it is. I’m not quite satisfied with the WalkingBackwards animation yet – it’s a bit stiff, so I’ll probably revisit that soon.

For now I’ll be focusing my attention on the strafe animations – possibly followed by the jump-related ones.

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4 thoughts on “Progress Update (2012-02-15)

  1. Looking good there!

    Think the shield might be a tad bit too big blocking the view of the rest of the character. Can’t wait to see some colours in there!

    BTW, were you going to make and environment also?

    • Thanks!

      Heh, I prefer larger shields – small round shields tend to look rather weak.

      Anyway, I’ll look into the size of the shield (It’s currently just a placeholder that I used to determine arm movement with), but I didn’t think it was that much of an issue since you’re not limited to looking at the character from behind.

      I also originally intended for the character to be able to unsheathe his sword/shield. Depending on the amount of time I have to spare, I might look into that again!

      As far as environment goes, at most I’ll be making something very basic – since the project is about the character.

  2. Good Progress!

    I think that you should add more “weight” to his body animation and give him less energy in his legs, you usually don’t put your knees that high when running like that etc. check some refs.. You should also focus a while to animate while looking from behind, cause i think he lacks some movement from that angle.

    If you are running out of time you should rather have a “active” idle than this inactive. ie. when he’s holding the sword and has more anticipation.

    • Thanks for the feedback! — I’ll take today to look into the things you’ve mentioned, especially the legs and weight issues, seeing as the character is supposed to wear heavy armor.

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