Milestone 4.

Here´s my final result.

If you cant view it you can find it under the link, Milestone 4.



Milestone 3.

Here Is my MS3 delivery. I will try to make some adjustments until the gradshow but this is very close to the final result.

You can find my milestone deliveries, post mortem & How to document, MS3-final & breakdown in HD 1080 & 720, under the Milestones tab.


Progress, texturing & rendering.

This week I have been tweaking the textures as much as I could before I started the final rendering that I’m waiting for now. There´s still some textures that´s not right so I´ll try to do as much of the final texture tweaks in post and re render some parts if I need to. So next week Ill be doing post in nuke.

Progress, texturing, render & comp.

Since last post I have finished the basic texturing, I´ll have to tweak them more and give them some more details like dirt and dust. Ive also started with the render and comp setup.

I´ll do all the lights animation in post. Im rendering masks for the lamps that i use to make glow in nuke and for the boundce light on the stone I made a duplicate of the minerals and gave them a shader with incandescence and rendered a indirect pass that I can merge on the objects indirect pass and by so I can animate the lights in nuke.

Progress, texturing.

This week Ive got started with the texturing. It´s been much about finding good material references and setting up basic textures and trying to keep an even progress on the textures.

Milestone 2.

Hello! Im done with the modeling and about to get started with the texturing.

Since last post Ive been mostly tweaking the render setup and normal and dispacement maps and i think that my render times are too high, 15 – 20 minutes per frame, and I´ll probaly turn up the render settings for the final rendering so it will increase.

One way to handle this could be to shorten the movie by just use a version of the first shot, but I would not get that much use of my projection setup and its far from my original plan.

I´ll also try to not use any displacement maps on the tree and stone and instead use some more highpoly models with normalmaps, and see if it render faster and still looks ok.

Progress, modeling.

This week I´ve made a new previs and done the rest of the modeling, I got some wires and tubes left but right now Im trying to finish the uv layout of the geometry I´ve got right now. Next week I will be texturing and tweak my comp/render pipeline so I can preview my work better.

Progress, modeling.

This week Ive been sculpting the tree and rock in mudbox. It took a few more days than I had planed they are not finished yet so I´ll make some changes to the previs so I can still try to get the quality i was aiming for in the final result. In my original previs I had 3 shots, I´ll probably remove the second where the tree and stone is really close to the camera, that I would need even more time for sculpting to get it right.

When I got the new camera angels in my new previs I will finish the tree and stone models and start with the modeling of the machines and lab. I attached some renders of the tree and stone from the cameras I might keep in my current previs.

Progress, lighting & compositing.

This week Ive been lighting, concepting and just started the modeling.

I made a basic light setup with image based lighting, using a hdri of Tinas lab. And iI will use mia materials in this project so I have set up a basic comp with the mia passes and done some test renders and its fine except  some flickering in the areas that are very reflective. I guess its the final gather thats causing it and I hope that I dont need to use too high quality for the final renders.

Ive also made some final concept before i started modeling. I started on the tree and space rock in mudbox yesterday, and I will continue to modeling next week.

I also made a new previs.


Progress, projection.

This week I´ve been setting up my projection scene and working on the previs.

I took some photos of a room called Tinas lab here at campus, that Im using for my projection. Ive set up the projection both in maya and nuke, in maya so that I can preview my scene when I work on my previs and layout, and in nuke for editing and rendering. Ive been painting all the alphas for the objects im putting on seperate geometry off the wall, and cloned them away from the the wall and removed most of the reflections on the windows and floor since I dont want no static reflections when Ill use moving cameras. I´m rendering the relections from maya and then merge them on in nuke, they make a lot of difference.

Next up is the lighting, I took some hdr images of the room that I´ll use. I don´t like the light as it is in the photo but I´m not sure how mouch I can or if I can change it so I´m planning on doing some research later in the project.