This is the final result with breakdown.

Weekly 8

This week I’ve mostly refined the mattes, its a lot of tweaking back and forth between Nuke and Photoshop, I’ve also done  all the rendering, so there’s just composting left.

Here’s the movie, it is definitively not final, Iv’e already changed a couple of things.




Weekly 7

These last couple of days I’ve been setting up and projecting matts for the background, I’ve mainly used card’s to project onto however i may need to add some more geometry or distort some of the cards, to make it look more 3d, the camera move is quiet big and I will probably get some distorted texture, but hopefully they will not be to noticeably, there’s also a challenge to blend and match the projected textures in  areas where the texture will be seen from different angles, luckily there’s a big cliff that covers the transition area.Next week will be tough

Weekly 6

Since last post I’ve worked mostly on the mattes,  had problems finding good material to work from but I think it will do, my plan was to be finished with them today but that is not going to happen. I’ve also changed and replaced some of the foreground rocks as well as some textures.

This week I have not progressed that  much I’ve set up some rendering layers and passes I’ve also optimized the scene,  but mostly I’ve struggled with showreel and the search of internship.

from now on its mostly comp and adding details. next week I will be focusing on the background, I’m looking forward to that.

This week I’ve textured the environment, I had to redo some sculpting to get the texture to match the surface of the rock, i went back an forth between sculpting and projecting textures using stencils in mudbox. I’ve also started working a bit on the lighting, I’m using parti volume to get volumetric shadows. I’m making the light red and the shadows it casts green so I can have control over the shadows in post.  That might not be the best way to do it but I couldn’t find another solution, I’ve tried to render it out in passes, but the shadows did not show up.





This week I’ve continued modeling some more parts of the ship, there’s still a lot of things to add, but that will be done on weekends. Most of the time this week I’ve spent uv mapping, that took more time than I scheduled , I’ve also textured most of the ship and  I’m sure I’ll come back later to change and tweek the textures.


Weekly 2

This week I’ve modeled most of the rocks and the cliffs in the scene. I’ve had problems achieving hard edges on the rock faces, I could go in with the flatten tool and detail out hard edges but  there’s a lot of rock and it did not feel like a efficient way of doing that. I also could have spent more time on some cliffs, its kind of hard knowing when its enough, in some areas I’ve probably spent to much time and in others it might not be enough. I hope it will hold up and that I don’t have to redo the uv unfolding and the maps.


Weekly 1

This week I’ve  done most of the modeling on the cargo ship, theres only smaller details like antennas,radars and some random objects left, but I gonna try storing as much detaills in the texture as I can get away with.