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Update: Added Aim, Flame Stream Particle System, and Camera Transition for Ground/Air Mode

8852 tris
2k Textures: Diffuse, Normal, Specular

So this update is kinda huge

I’ve finally managed to add aim function to control my creature as for now it has to be enough with head rotation.

I’ve made Particle System so my creature breathes with green fire

I added transition for camera so it lifts up with character as i go into the fly mode so he’s always in focus

I added 2 fly animations for left and right directions and blended them so he can fly diagonally(horizontal only)and then i made an synch group for all flying animations so it blends now nicely between “idling in air” and “flying forward”

Short presentation of character

Update video with implemented fixes mentioned above

Weekly 9

I’ve fixed skinning for my creature and tweaked a little all animations. I have also added 2 edge loops for arms extruded tongue and optimized polycount just a little ~300 polys less. So final is 8852 tris.


I made jump too but i still need to split it in pieces for different states like up, fall land.

I wanted to add some movement with mouse aiming, it would be nice I thought so i started with fancy head movement but I’m stuck at scripting…

Not sure if I will make that until monday so I’m just gonna focus to finish most important things



AnimNodeBlendDirectional & Short pause in looping animation

So i was struggling for some time now with AnimNodeBlendDirectional in UDK. It allows to blend animations with different directions to make diagonal movement.

I was searching and reading on net. I’ve seen 2 videos at youtube demonstrating this problem.


and many threads about it but no real answer but i finally figured it out

I will demonstrate my problem first

Ok what happens here

I hold Forward(W) and then press Right(D) then my creature turns first to the right(90 degrees) and blends in to the diagonal direction after

If i gold first D and then W then it blends correctly. I still don’t understand why is that happening.

I played with many different settings but in the end i found that changing Dir Degrees Per Second to high number like 100000 solves my problem.

It controls how fast animations should blend. I don’t know how this works but it blends slower than if i would set it to 700.

So maybe this fixes issue with rotation but now i can’t control blending speed because at such high number speed seems fixed. I will keep it like this because it looks just fine.

Also here is my new flyIdle animation in action, it’s not finished. Last animations i might add is jump and walk.


Also when i first imported my animations to UDK i got a short pause at the beginning of animation when in maya it looked good.

I found this post

But that’s not a solution cause wrong tangents of animation curves are noticeable in Maya.

My animations started at frame 1 and UDK added frame 0 at the beginning. I knew this might happen because when i worked with Nebula engine it was the same.

I didn’t care too much and after i noticed problem i simply moved my animation curves 1 frame back.

Also if your animations start and end at same frame it’s good to check No Looping Interpolation.


Weekly 8

Over this weekend i was working with animation and importing to UDK

I’ve done 3 most important animations run, fly and idle

Run was most difficult so far, took me like 2 days.

I had some issues to get my fly to work in fly mode. I tried first an BlendbyFlying node but it was crashing gane each time i tried to fly. I prob used it in wrong way or something. Anyways i found diff solution trought BlendByPhysics.

Adding jump will be fairly easy. I will make some blend animations for each but to put that together AnimTree will need to get a little more complex.

I also want to figure out how to make character move diagonally. It kinda works with gamepad.

When doing run animation i looked at tigers but figured their body movements are too lazy and i went for Cheetah. Of course big front body part of my creature made it impossible to get hands of it between back legs. Other than that i’m pretty happy with result.

Here are some videos i looked at:


I think i must add more movement to the body and tail give it more energy


I think this one is done


I’m not 100% satisfied but it’s not so bad

And here is in-game test with diffuse normal and transparency maps. I still need to make specular but it’s not so high prio. And i need to set up lights… too much bloom^^

he is fast…

Next and last week I’m going to do pretty much the same

Tweak scale of my creature, it’s speed and all that pawn parameters, fix blends and animtree, make more animations, import all stuff.

Weekly 7

On monday i had my creature textured and i started building my rig.

I will add alpha to the wings for scratches and holes also i need to tweak wings a little so they melt with bones.

Here is skeleton i made up fast on monday and used in my tests in UDK

I knew there were few restrictions for bones and such in UDK so my curiosity lead me to do few quick tests.

I have scheduled one week for importing of my creature to engine and setting it up.

But i decided to give a try and surprisingly after few hours of research it was a lot easier to get your custom character running than i thought.

AnimTree is very easy node-based tool that let’s me control with ease when and which animations should run.


That was fast animation done on joints and assigned for movement.

And over the week I was working hard on my rig. I hoped to be done faster but as i went on i just added more complexity. I got some help from my classmate Jimmy Sahlin as he’s doing kinda same type of monster… wings, tail, all that. You can check his project here Garth The Gargoyle.

Rigging never was my thing but after making of rig for my creature I learned a lot and I feel more comfortable in this area. Instead of following guides and tutorials i made a lot of custom stuff.

So here is my rig

I might make a video later on to show it off :) My controls does not look pretty but it wasn’t my point^^. I Need come coloring on them tho.

One of things I’m proud of is ability to control both wings at same time like all attributes with just one controller + I can control them separately and mix it up

As for the next week i will animate and since i saved a lot time on importing i will have more time to tweak everything. Then importing, adding controls it’s like 2 days max and I’m done ;D… I can’t wait!



Weekly 6

So i started texturing and again it’s not finished but it’s quite good so far. I’m painting in Mudbox.

Here are some refs i used for colors.

Besides colors at the end i decided to add some texture to make it more interesting

And that’s how it looks so far

Wings and teeth are coming

Update 2012-02-23

On Tuesday I installed trial version of Mari to check if it’s suitable for me to make textures

I played a little with brushes and colors on an early low poly of my creature. Strange thing was i have set my texture to 2k and i could see every pixel while i painted. Maybe it’s just some preview quality setting but i hadn’t such problem in Mudbox and i really have no time to learn new app.

In the end i decided to go all the way with Mudbox it feels much easier and it’s more than enough for texturing.

I have finished sculpting and low poly for my creature and I’m gonna start texturing today. Low poly is at ~9k total(with wings and teeth) for now.

I’m going to mirror UVs to save space and i was wondering if UDK can manage that. I was wondering if the other side will be flipped out. So i went to UDK imported my mesh with normal map and i got a trouble.

After a long search and testing I’ve found that I need to flip Green Channel of normal map and it’s possible when importing it into UDK. This option won’t come up if importing mesh with textures together so it has to be done separately.

Inverted green channel


that’s it for now

MS2 Update

I made some progress snice yesterday and I’m almost done with my low poly

It lacks teeths,claws and skin of the wings. I went up to 6,8k polys and i must say that i haven’t optimized it in any way yet.

As for the MS2 i should have done complete low poly and uvmapping so i’m just a little behind.

Here are some pics


Over the weekend i was sculpting a little more and i begun work on low poly mesh

I have also fixed some size issues and small details

Weekly 4

Hi again!

So sculpting took me a LOT more time than i thought but I’m almost done.

Just some small pieces like bones of wings,tail and those forth and fifth claws of legs, i might add new more teeths too^^
I didn’t notice i got comments to approve (so fresh to wordpress). From now on I will check them more often.

I was supposed to make base mesh this week so i have to make it “over the weekend”. I will post again before monday.