Update: Added Aim, Flame Stream Particle System, and Camera Transition for Ground/Air Mode

8852 tris
2k Textures: Diffuse, Normal, Specular

So this update is kinda huge

I’ve finally managed to add aim function to control my creature as for now it has to be enough with head rotation.

I’ve made Particle System so my creature breathes with green fire

I added transition for camera so it lifts up with character as i go into the fly mode so he’s always in focus

I added 2 fly animations for left and right directions and blended them so he can fly diagonally(horizontal only)and then i made an synch group for all flying animations so it blends now nicely between “idling in air” and “flying forward”

Short presentation of character

Update video with implemented fixes mentioned above

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  1. Which class you are useing as base for your flying monster? Im working on an dragon vehicle use the UTVehicle_Cicada but i have some problems with the blend by physics node and my script to distinguish between ground and air ^^

    1. hello

      I’m extending UDKPawn Class. Using TPS Action camera it requires also changes in PlayerController so that’s extended aswell

      here is the link to the script used
      UDK TPS Action Camera

      Also as for the ground and air mode i’m activating fly cheat with keypress. You can read what fly cheat does when activated in CheatManager.uc .

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