AnimNodeBlendDirectional & Short pause in looping animation

So i was struggling for some time now with AnimNodeBlendDirectional in UDK. It allows to blend animations with different directions to make diagonal movement.

I was searching and reading on net. I’ve seen 2 videos at youtube demonstrating this problem.


and many threads about it but no real answer but i finally figured it out

I will demonstrate my problem first

Ok what happens here

I hold Forward(W) and then press Right(D) then my creature turns first to the right(90 degrees) and blends in to the diagonal direction after

If i gold first D and then W then it blends correctly. I still don’t understand why is that happening.

I played with many different settings but in the end i found that changing Dir Degrees Per Second to high number like 100000 solves my problem.

It controls how fast animations should blend. I don’t know how this works but it blends slower than if i would set it to 700.

So maybe this fixes issue with rotation but now i can’t control blending speed because at such high number speed seems fixed. I will keep it like this because it looks just fine.

Also here is my new flyIdle animation in action, it’s not finished. Last animations i might add is jump and walk.


Also when i first imported my animations to UDK i got a short pause at the beginning of animation when in maya it looked good.

I found this post

But that’s not a solution cause wrong tangents of animation curves are noticeable in Maya.

My animations started at frame 1 and UDK added frame 0 at the beginning. I knew this might happen because when i worked with Nebula engine it was the same.

I didn’t care too much and after i noticed problem i simply moved my animation curves 1 frame back.

Also if your animations start and end at same frame it’s good to check No Looping Interpolation.


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    1. Hey Chosker 🙂
      Thanks for your comment I will definitely try out your solution when I get some free time to restart the project, I will also post my results 🙂

      Ambitious project you are working on, looks great so far, keep it up! 🙂

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