Weekly 8

Over this weekend i was working with animation and importing to UDK

I’ve done 3 most important animations run, fly and idle

Run was most difficult so far, took me like 2 days.

I had some issues to get my fly to work in fly mode. I tried first an BlendbyFlying node but it was crashing gane each time i tried to fly. I prob used it in wrong way or something. Anyways i found diff solution trought BlendByPhysics.

Adding jump will be fairly easy. I will make some blend animations for each but to put that together AnimTree will need to get a little more complex.

I also want to figure out how to make character move diagonally. It kinda works with gamepad.

When doing run animation i looked at tigers but figured their body movements are too lazy and i went for Cheetah. Of course big front body part of my creature made it impossible to get hands of it between back legs. Other than that i’m pretty happy with result.

Here are some videos i looked at:


I think i must add more movement to the body and tail give it more energy


I think this one is done


I’m not 100% satisfied but it’s not so bad

And here is in-game test with diffuse normal and transparency maps. I still need to make specular but it’s not so high prio. And i need to set up lights… too much bloom^^

he is fast…

Next and last week I’m going to do pretty much the same

Tweak scale of my creature, it’s speed and all that pawn parameters, fix blends and animtree, make more animations, import all stuff.

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