Weekly 7

On monday i had my creature textured and i started building my rig.

I will add alpha to the wings for scratches and holes also i need to tweak wings a little so they melt with bones.

Here is skeleton i made up fast on monday and used in my tests in UDK

I knew there were few restrictions for bones and such in UDK so my curiosity lead me to do few quick tests.

I have scheduled one week for importing of my creature to engine and setting it up.

But i decided to give a try and surprisingly after few hours of research it was a lot easier to get your custom character running than i thought.

AnimTree is very easy node-based tool that let’s me control with ease when and which animations should run.


That was fast animation done on joints and assigned for movement.

And over the week I was working hard on my rig. I hoped to be done faster but as i went on i just added more complexity. I got some help from my classmate Jimmy Sahlin as he’s doing kinda same type of monster… wings, tail, all that. You can check his project here Garth The Gargoyle.

Rigging never was my thing but after making of rig for my creature I learned a lot and I feel more comfortable in this area. Instead of following guides and tutorials i made a lot of custom stuff.

So here is my rig

I might make a video later on to show it off 🙂 My controls does not look pretty but it wasn’t my point^^. I Need come coloring on them tho.

One of things I’m proud of is ability to control both wings at same time like all attributes with just one controller + I can control them separately and mix it up

As for the next week i will animate and since i saved a lot time on importing i will have more time to tweak everything. Then importing, adding controls it’s like 2 days max and I’m done ;D… I can’t wait!



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