Update 2012-02-23

On Tuesday I installed trial version of Mari to check if it’s suitable for me to make textures

I played a little with brushes and colors on an early low poly of my creature. Strange thing was i have set my texture to 2k and i could see every pixel while i painted. Maybe it’s just some preview quality setting but i hadn’t such problem in Mudbox and i really have no time to learn new app.

In the end i decided to go all the way with Mudbox it feels much easier and it’s more than enough for texturing.

I have finished sculpting and low poly for my creature and I’m gonna start texturing today. Low poly is at ~9k total(with wings and teeth) for now.

I’m going to mirror UVs to save space and i was wondering if UDK can manage that. I was wondering if the other side will be flipped out. So i went to UDK imported my mesh with normal map and i got a trouble.

After a long search and testing I’ve found that I need to flip Green Channel of normal map and it’s possible when importing it into UDK. This option won’t come up if importing mesh with textures together so it has to be done separately.

Inverted green channel


that’s it for now

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