Weekly 9

I’ve fixed skinning for my creature and tweaked a little all animations. I have also added 2 edge loops for arms extruded tongue and optimized polycount just a little ~300 polys…

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Weekly 8

Over this weekend i was working with animation and importing to UDK I’ve done 3 most important animations run, fly and idle Run was most difficult so far, took me…

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Weekly 7

On monday i had my creature textured and i started building my rig. I will add alpha to the wings for scratches and holes also i need to tweak wings…

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Weekly 6

So i started texturing and again it’s not finished but it’s quite good so far. I’m painting in Mudbox. Here are some refs i used for colors. Besides colors at…

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Over the weekend i was sculpting a little more and i begun work on low poly mesh I have also fixed some size issues and small details

Weekly 4

Hi again! So sculpting took me a LOT more time than i thought but I’m almost done. Just some small pieces like bones of wings,tail and those forth and fifth…

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