Week 8

So this last week has mostly gone to render different passes and fixing more problems. Right now we don’t have anything rendered to show but the particles are more or less finished renering and the main scene is rendering as I’m writing. Moa has managed to match the hair simulation to the mermaid as shown below. I have mostly rendered and done some last minute texturing on the environment in order to make everything match and fit togather.


Week 7


We spent this week fixing problems, organized and cleaned up the scene and finished things we hadn’t completed yet. I placed out more corals in the scene, cleaned the scene up, adjusted the lighting, fixed and re baked maps for a few meshes that had either too many polygons or to few, tweaked the particles and tried to nuke a little. Moa finished animating the mermaid and gave her face blend shapes. She also continued her work on the hair and sculpted and textured an additional coral.

Next week we’ll begin nuking and rendering!

/Gunilla and Moa

Week 6

I’m thinking about what I’ve done this week, and it kind of feels like this whole week has been a big struggle.
I’ve finished the last few things with the rig, and started to animate the mermaid. I’ve had a lot of problems with the skin weighing around the tentacles, so she’s been kind of hard to pose. There’s a lot of places where the mesh is thin, so the walls tend do go though eachother at those places. I’m not completly satisfied with how she’s sitting, still trying to improve that.
Also, eight tentacles are a lot to animate, I noticed, but it’s kind of fun.

Here’s a render from the scene

I’m gonna render the movie this weekend, so that’ll show up on the blog later.
Also had a struggle with the hair this week, gonna give it another go today, and hopefully have some results this weekend.


This week I’ve worked with volumetric light, light rays and creating small particles that will float around in front of the camera and in the scene. I’ve managed to get most of the effects to work but I haven’t rendered them or comped them into the scene yet. We need to get the scene in order first; import all the correct meshes, place more corals into the scene and so on.

the particle sprites:

one of the test renders, still very much a work in progress although feedback is as always very welcome.



Week 5

So this week we had rigging and lighting on our schedule, and I’m happy to say that the character seems to have a funtionable rig.
I used abautorig for the upperbody (http://www.supercrumbly.com/archives.php?sid=173#.T0dT8fVdA64), I haven’t used it before, but it was superhandy for me who really isn’t into rigging.
I also downloaded this script for rigging tentacles and tails (http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/downloads/scripts-plugins/character/c/tentacle) I had to work on it a little to fit my purposes, but it speed up the rigging of the tentacles a lot!
So yesterday I skinweighted her, had some problems, and are still having some in the web-area, but I think it will be ok.
Tried to pose her a little to try out the rig and skin weighting, and it seems to be working pretty ok. Thou its A LOT of controllers for the tentacles.

Here’s a pitcure of the rig, and the pose I tested yesterday. Today I’ll go back to texturing her, since I wasn’t able to finish last week.

Next week will be dynamics, like hair and particles, stay tuned!



I’ve spent the week lighting the scene, realizing some of the pillars needed more detailed lowpoly meshes I created new lowpolys for pillar 3-5. Rebaked their normalmaps and textured them.

After that I began researching how to create a caustics effect to simulate sunlight shining through the ocean surface. First I tried to create the patterns by rendering maya’s oceanshader. But it was hard to create the rounded pattern i was looking for. So I tried the free version of Caustics Generator; http://www.dualheights.se/caustics/
which worked fine but had a monster render time. In the end i used nuke and after effects to simulate the same effect with different layers of fractal noise.

Big thanks to Erik Öhman for helping me with After Effects!

The caustics effect:

The scene is finally coming together!



Updated previz for milestone 2


Aaaand a quick render of the character since she’s not in the movie yet


Week 4

This week has been full of ups and downs, but I feel like we’re getting somewhere now!
I’ve been working some with the skinshader for the mermaid, and now I’ve got some sort of base. Projected and painted most of the textures in MARI, which we’ve been trying out this week as well, and so far it has been pretty neat to work with.
Also she’s got some eyes now! And I modeled the things that are growing on her head, just need to bake the normalmap for them now.

So here she is with the base for the skinshader, displacement and normalmap.


Here are some Pictures of the environment, textured in MARI, a program that has sped up the texturing process notably since the usual problems with seams are next to none existent. Painting or projecting the texture onto a 3D model directly is immensely helpful and time saving.

Most of the week has gone to baking normal- and ambient occlusion-maps, it wasn’t without it’s problems. We had a lot of artifacts on a few pillars, corals and in the cave but we managed to solve the problems by baking the maps in mudbox and simply painting over the artifacts. Displacement maps will be added to some of the environment meshes early next week.


Week 3 – Modeling finish, uvmaping, retopo

This week I’ve finished the highpoly of the character, or more like, I’ve stoped sculpting, since our time plan told me to.
So now I’m working on the retopo, which will be finished today or tomorrow, and after that I’ll start texturing her in MARI.

Here’s some pictures of the high poly:

I’ve played a little more with the dynamics for the hair, and gotten a result that somehow resembles an underwater feel.
Here’s a testrender:


This week I’ve created a simple light-rig (see the video above) for the scene and a sky dome. there’s obviously much more to do with this but the goal was to create a basic lighting for the scene. I’ve also finished sculpting the pillars and the throne area.

Some pictures of the highpoly environment meshes.


Week 2 – More Modeling!

Hiya! So this week has been intense-sculpting-week.

I’ve been working simultaneously on the character and the environment, and there’s still a lot to do! There’s been a lot of rock surfaces to sculpt, getting a tiny bit tired of them.
I’ve been experimenting a bit with hair this week too, trying to figure out how to make the dynamics look good, I will post pictures of that later.

Here’s a few pictures of the progress of the character, and also what is soon to become a cave.

/ Moa


Like my partner I’ve been sculpting and modeling most of the week. I have sculpted rock, rock, a little more rock and a throne made of rock. Though I’m getting a little bit bored with the sculpting it has been interesting trying to get that coral feel to the rocky surfaces. For now the pillars are still quite bare, but this week I’ve also begun sculpting individual corals that will sit on the rocky surfaces.

I’ve also redone the previz which I will upload soon.

Here are a few pictures of my progress, the throne is basically done. It might need some more tweaking before I’m satisfied with it. The pillar with the wall is also almost done except for that the wall-area needs some more details.


Week 1 – Modeling

This week we’ve been creating base meshes for the environment and the character. Base meshes for the different parts of the environment are almost done. The Character base mesh is done and Moa has begun sculpting the character.

The previz will be reworked a bit after some constructive criticism from fellow classmates, and hopefully we’ll have an even better previz early next week.

Edit: Here’s a picture of the progress of the character, still a rough scuplt trying to figure out the anatomy!


This project will be about creating a entirely cg generated short that lives up to industry standards. The setting is on the bottom of the sea and will be as realistic as possible, but with fantasy elements such as a humanoid creature.

The concept part of our project is more or less done and we’ve created a mood board as well as an story board.