Almost there now!


There, now I have basically made all the major inbetweens! What awaits is to tweak and time some movements better.

Added an anticipation before he starts to run in this here clip. Anticipations are good in animation to maker the viewer ready for a movement. Or give a character more force in a specific action such as swinging a golf club. In this case I was aiming for both.

I made him stop after he swinged over the gap as well. before it really felt too rushed, so now it feels better. I will shorten it down a bit and give him a moving hold. Which is basically to make the character move around just enough to not look like he’s freezed in a position.

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2 thoughts on “Almost there now!

  1. I would really like for that rope to bit a bit further away. As it is the character still has his toes on the ground as his hands reach the rope, which kinda spoils the power of the movement. Some more oomph at the start of the run animation would also help, imo. Just really fast at the start, then ease out as the jump is coming up? I dunno.

    • Yes the rope should be further away. That’s a design error that I noticed far too late. I will have to see if I have time to fix that or not.

      But the run I am going to fix, so it will get some more oomph! 😀

      Thanks for your insight!

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