Another update.

Alright. Adding just a few more keyframes was a great way to get better overall timing. And even if the timing is not great at all parts, I can still see that something feels odd and that I need to change it.

I have been pushing some old keyframes and making them a bit more extreme. It’s hard because some part of my brain is telling me to keep it down and simple. But I am convinced I will get greater result if I continue pushing the extremes. How ever. some parts will need to be changed completely. It’s far too many to point them all out now, but the most urgent I think is at 0:42 when the character is climbing the small hill.

Also got a great suggestion that I should try and work with the camera movements more. So I tried resting the camera at the little doghouse and I think it adds to the moment of just sneaking. Well here is the clip so far, now shortened down 10 sek.

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2 thoughts on “Another update.

  1. Just one of my personal experiences – If/when you turn stepped keys into regular tangent keys, it tends to feel slower than with stepped keys. So you should do a quick convert to see how it flows with regular keys, just to doublecheck the timing/tempo/speed.

    Getting inspired 🙂 wanna do some stuff for myself aswell.

  2. I have been afraid to switch it back because everything just looks really weird, twisting and moving ways it shouldn’t etc. But I guess it just need needs more frames.

    But you are right, some things do feel slower. But on the other hand I think some of my animations are timed too fast. So I´ll have to even things out some way.

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