This week I’ve put all the things that are mostly done into UDK, problems have been both solved and new ones have come up. I fixed issues with the grass, I just had to check a box when importing. Similar black area problems have come up with the trees though, I’ve been trying to fix that but haven’t managed so far. UDK also seems to do something strange with my uvmapping when I import the trees into UDK as well, they stretch abnormally much, the uvs look exactly the same in maya as UDK but is displayed much more stretched in UDK. Other than that I figured out how lights work in UDK and played around with that a little. I think that will be real fun when I have the time for that.
I’ve changed the bridge to an even more detailed one because I think it fits better.

Made mockup cosy lighting! :)

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  1. Nice!

    About the stretching texture: The only thing i can come up with without looking at your sourcematerial would be that your texture is not a power of 2, and that udk stretches it so it becomes a power of 2. Otherwise you might have stumbled upon something in udk that treats just that texture differently.

    I think you maybe should match the grass color closer to the overall theme, and add some variation to it. And in my opinion the grass scale is a bit too uniform in height. I guess these are things your list.

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback!
      I fixed the stretching problem, I don’t know why it happened sadly, but it helped to just export to a new scene and then import that anew into UDK.

      About the grass, those things are coming right up! In my latest post I’ve set out some with different scale at least, I have another material for some different grass as well but haven’t put it out yet.
      So far, all the models have only been set out randomly just to make sure it works in UDK, so nothing is final yet.

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