Final movie

I’m in the final stages, I’m going to play around with post-effects and do some last tweaks in the weekend. I got my lanterns to swing, but now they don’t, so that’s the only thing left that I have to fix. :)

What I have left is fixing everything up, putting it all together, and get the water in there. I’ve put things out and wil tweak around with where they are. The most recent change is scaling things down so it feels like you’re a normal-sized person as the player. I learned it’s way easier to scale everything instead of trying to change the position of the player/camera. I’ll tweak all the colors and do some vertex blending. Maybe create some variations of what I already have modeled if it’s too obvious repeating.

The bridge is pretty much done now, the shader for the lanterns is the only thing left!

Right now I’m working on the big tree, here’s the “sketch” I made in Sculptris, hopefully I can just finetune this one into a highpoly. I’m making the basemesh/lowpoly from it right now(picture 2)


Been producing models this week, bridge, books, rocks, more kinds of grass. All roughly textured so far, bridge is going to get some ropes and the lanterns. Didn’t run into any major problems this week really. Normalmaps may still be a bit off, not sure if it’s because I didn’t bake the light yet. I feel like I’ve gotten more into the pipeline now, everything goes much faster. It’s great!


Proof of concept.

Changes I’ve made to the grass and problems I’ve solved include changing color and how light affects it.

Trees look ok now, fixed the stretching by putting them all into new scenes without history and importing the new files into UDK

This week I’ve put all the things that are mostly done into UDK, problems have been both solved and new ones have come up. I fixed issues with the grass, I just had to check a box when importing. Similar black area problems have come up with the trees though, I’ve been trying to fix that but haven’t managed so far. UDK also seems to do something strange with my uvmapping when I import the trees into UDK as well, they stretch abnormally much, the uvs look exactly the same in maya as UDK but is displayed much more stretched in UDK. Other than that I figured out how lights work in UDK and played around with that a little. I think that will be real fun when I have the time for that.
I’ve changed the bridge to an even more detailed one because I think it fits better.

Made mockup cosy lighting! :)

The trees are almost done, I need to fix the normals on the canopys, and change the texture a little on the trunks.
The bridge is almost done as well, it just needs texturing and baking and some minor details. I’m planning to make some rocks and the big tree next week.

Made most parts of the trees, just need to put them together. Have an issue with the grass in UDK, some parts appear black because of strange shading even though I’ve set the normals the way they should. I’ll look into that later. Going to finish the birchtrees and then set them out together with the grass and see how it will look oncoming week!

So I started modeling foliage, and decided on a layout (bottom picture)
The grass is working, I’ll need to change the texture some later for the colors to fit the scene. Right now I’m starting on a tree, got a twig so far :)