Low-poly Model: Modelling and Texturing

I found a great reference point for my lowpoly model. Jonas Georgakakis game model “Strongman” at polycount forums. The model has nice edge flow and is very optimized. I studied how the model was made and created my low-poly model with similar edgeflow. Thank you Jonas for letting me study your model!

The modelling went fast when I had this great reference, and I created this Viking Lumberjack model with 2576 triangles with only one 512×512 diffuse map. I created UVs and started texturing with hand painted textures techniques from the polycount wiki. I have just started texturing, and I wait with the colors until I’m done with the values. It’s really hard but fun!




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2 Responses to Low-poly Model: Modelling and Texturing

  1. Fiendly Soul says:

    Honestly i feel a bit torn.

    First off, the Description of the project does not match character creation. That implies that this game character is a prop?

    It’s a nice lowpoly model, but you are mixing the genres a bit much for a single project. This feels like 2 projects.

    • 2012ip07 says:

      You are absolutely correct. This particular model is not a prop, just a regular character. This exercise is more about focusing on modeling and texture optimization. I guess I could´ve chosen a prop like a modular building or something to keep working with props. Hm, yes that’s what I should’ve done. I wonder how a house for the viking lumberjack would look like…

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