Coming closer…

This week have almost flow like a charm, I have been busy with the rendering out the last particles to my fluid and the waving man “me” on the bridge that I almost forgot.

I been compositing the shot for some hour today and here it is.

Will continue working on the color correction and sound fx to the final shot, maybe adding a fresnel pass as well, if I got time over. Have a lot of paper work to do for the presentation and gradshow. 🙂




The Gradshow is coming closer and there are some frames that needs to be rendred out! This week I’ve been testing out RFRK magnitueds parameters to render the shader color based on the particles velocity, age, dencity etc etc.  I decided to to build a mesh from the splash particles and use the same particles as a volume object for the mist kind a splash, because it’s easy to set the particles start frame offset in Maya so they won’t overlap each other.

I problem that I have just know to render out the volume based particles in maya with  contribution map or passes, the frames are black and I have the object volume checkbox checked in MR settings. I can see the particles in render view but not i the passes.

Well I will fix it in some way cheers.

A preview how the water effects looks like now. Still having problem with particle rendering, but hopefully I will find a solution soon.

Testing and having fun with shaders and splash particles. I took out a small mesh from realflow with 2k displacements and white caps to try some shadings, displacements and white caps to see how they works.

Jumjum chocolate!

I think I will render the splash particles as particles and not as a mesh, to get the details. There will be a lot of particles in the air!:)



This week I’ve started testing out passes I need in the final compositing and begun render them out. This are the passes I will use for the environment, It takes time to render them out, so I prepared the comp tree with one image.


I also started with the simulation process, trying to find the speed and size of the wave and this is how far I have come with it. It’s only the base fluid no splash, foam and mist are added. It’s 1.3milion particles for now, I will maybe increase it a little more and cut of the particles behind the bridge after the wave is hitting the bridge, because you will never see the particles/mesh in the back after it.



Render passes

I’m think I’m done with the textures and I have started to figuring out the render passes and layers for the final render of the environment.

I heard that Maya 2012 have problems with batch rendering with passes and layers, that the time will increase a lot compared to viewport rendering. You can try to uncheck “Auto render threads” in batch render options and put it in manually, and also uncheck “Render on network machines”. It worked for me:)


Beauty + AO.

Render layers setup.

Milestone 2

Here comes milestone 2.



This week I’ve been working with the environment textures, lightning and added some smal props to the scene. I rendred out few frames with AO on the discplacments to get a better view on the scene. There are some changes I will do that I’m not pleased with. The ground and the walls nearest camera have to low texture and displacment quality only 1k I will bump it up to 4K and change the texture a bit on both walls and ground.

Next week I will start rendering out some passes and creating the lowpoly scene for realflow to start the simulation process.

weekly 3

I have been sculpting some props and the texturing the street environment week 3. I use displacement maps for the parts which are closest to the camera. There still a lot to do, but hopefully I will be done with the environment this week and start with the simulation procsess to the weekend.

The background is done, using cards was the easiest way to do it, then matching the lightning to the background will be the next tackle after foreground is done.


Some changes…

I decided to cut my short to the half from my previz, to give it more speed and drama. I ‘ve been modeling/sculpting the environment cause it was to hard to find a nice street or manipulate a picture to look the way I wanted and my camera moments does to much stretching to the picture if I use a camera projection.

I added two image sequences with my hand and me waving on the overpass, to fix the timing and positions.

Test simulations


I have been testing out the Grid fluid domain  also called “Hybrido” to create the flood effect I want. What I get out from a hybrido are, the bashmesh for the flood with displacement for extra detalie, splash particles that switches over to Mist particles and also foam particles floating on the surface.