Missiles and Dirt!

Update time!

It has been an exciting day. All days where stuff you create starts to come together are exciting 😀

But first, let’s talk about… dirt!

One of my scenes felt kind of naked, the one with the liquify-floor effect. So I added some smoke and dirt elements to make it more alive. When the liquify-shockwave pass under the camera, the effects “apply” themselves to the camera lens.

I used some stockfootage that I got of smoke flowing towards the screen, took a dirt screenshot as an overlay and made some out-of-focus dirt dots on the lens with the Optical Flare plug-in.
I think it looks pretty good in motion.

Other than that, I’ve been working with the missile scene. It’s not done, but it certainly looks pretty good at the moment. As of now, the missile will hover in the air and start falling. The engine will light up and heathaze will emit around the nozzle. A bright flash indicates that the engine is now propelling the missile forward.

It will need a few tweaks with the animation, and I’ll probably resimulate the fire, but overall… Lookin’ pretty good!

The Missile is modelled in Maya (Because I haven’t learned how to model in 3Ds Max properly yet), exported/imported into 3Ds Max. I set up the scene with FumeFX in 3Ds Max, simulated the fire and animated the missile. The Heathaze was added in After Effects using a fractal-noise as an displacement map. It’s amazing what unlimited things you can do with fractal noise effects!
Then I added a lens flare for effect. Please DO tell me if they’re getting out of hand. I really don’t want to overdo them.

– Displacement map for the heat-haze effect behind the missile –

I’ve learned a few things in 3Ds Max while working with it, like rendering ambient occlusion layers. I’m having trouble with thin black outlines surrounding my objects when I import them into post. I’ll try to fix that, but I want to mention that I learned, while quickly trying to get rid of the outline with a matte-choker effect in After Effects, that you can get a pretty nice light-wrap effect with the choke effects if used right (Erode-Nodes is kind of simular in Nuke).

All in all, with Motion-Blur and some nice sound effects, I think that this scene is going to sell… I hope 🙂

The next preview video will likely arrive this friday.

– Erik Öhman

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