This week has felt kind of slow. Mostly because I get stuck on individual effect thinking “I guess this is ‘good enough’, but I want it to look better”. Eventually I got kind of satisfied with the result, but I’ll come back to it if I got time.

For the first scene I’ve added a few elements to make it easier to understand whats going on by adding a toolbox next to the fighting pair when they choose tools to use. This come at a risk of “Too much to look at”, but the audience get to decide that when they watch it. A picture of the unfinished (Not all tools are added yet) toolbox below:


A friend mentioned that it would be cool if you could see the interface of the tools when they are used, like you see the splines and handles when the shape tool is used to create the shield for example. I really liked the idea, but I haven’t been able to get a satisfying result for it.


Preferably, I would like to use the actual interface from After Effects and Nuke for this, but since some of the tools don’t actually look like you would imagine them too (See the inner yellow shape in the picture above), they end up confusing and “in the way” of the actual effect. So I tried to replicate a spline like shape in AE and make some handles (The outer yellow shape in the picture above), but I’ve yet to achieve something that I like.

Other than that, I also started working on the second part of the movie. Below I will show some of the experiments that I’ve made:

First of I created an effect where I touch the floor with the liquify tool. I made another displacement effect which made me realise how fast these can get overused. But I kind of liked the feeling of the floor getting soft and shapeable.

Then I started to experiment with different methods to raise the floor with the liquify-tool. I wanted to use 3D for this, so I started out with blendshapes in maya (See image 2 below). It looked okay, but the animation didn’t feel right. Then I started sidetrack with rigs and things (See image 4 below), and things got out of hand as I started leaning away from the intended effect. I soon realised this and did some liquify-study in Photoshop (Image 1 below). As I remided myself I kind of just thought that the more simple solution might be better in this case. So I did a few shapes and just used the scale tool to raise them with soft-selection like I kind of would with the liquify tool (Image 3).

The next problem was not really a problem. I started to think on how I was going to do this stretch effect without strectcing the texture that I will apply onto it (Floor texture). Then I realised that the liquify WOULD stretch the texture, so I nodded approvingly and now I am happy forever. Period.

This disturbingly distorted image of me will prove the above statement:


Do you want a hug?

Tomorrow it’s weeklytime and I’ll most certainly upload a video of the first scene with the added elements. Might include my progress on the second scene for early critique.
On another note, Some people can’t load my last preview video, which is kind of sad. Don’t know if it’s my fault or the websites. Some can watch it, some can’t.

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