Weekly Update

Hey everyone! As promised, it’s movie time!
First preview:

I showed this preview to my classmates and got some invaluable feedback (Thanks guys!) that surely will make the short better and easier to understand.

Many things are still not final in the preview but please, don’t be afraid to post some critique so that I can improve the short, no matter how big or small.
I’ll dedicate this weekend to try to fix this part of the short and then start on the next part, but if time allows, I might return later and continue to improve on this part.

In other good news: I made one of the shots where the characters choose tools in Nuke instead of After Effects, and while it took a while longer to do, I think I pretty much achieved the same effect.

I might also waste some of my free time to throw together a short behind the scenes montage this weekend for the fun of it, together with a few pre-productions shots that I made to test some effects.

Time to dive back into the wonderful world of 3D!

– Erik Öhman

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    1. A few other have told me this aswell. I went around and asked people if they could load the video or not, and the result seemed to be 50/50. It’s really sad since my project kind of depends on me being able to upload videos. Don’t know if I can do anything about it.

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