Small Update

Just felt like posting a minor update before my weekly tomorrow. Here below are a few screenshots from the first quarter of the short.

1. One of the combatants fiering a huge disc made out of ink. Ain’t my face the best? 😉

2. The adversary dodges the ink disc.

3. Using Shape-Tool to create a temporary shield in the air.

4. A screenshot from the short intro before the movie gets going. I got this “Text floating amongst alot of particles” thing going. Don’t know if it’s a bit too much.

I will upload my progress so far tomorrow as a video, so you’ll get a great chance at giving me some well needed critique.
I’ll then proceed with trying to complete this part of the short this weekend, so that I can start working on the next scene on monday.
Tune in tomorrow for movie-preview time! 😀

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