Action Sunday

Done most of todays work from my comfortable chair at home.

The VFX for this scene was really fun to create! Spent a couple of hours in Maya to create the 3D characters animation, rendered out some passes (Ambient Occlusion makes everything pretty) and then took it to the streets (After Effects).

The flare that you can see in the back was made with the fantastical AE plug-in called Optical Flares (  ). I used the alpha of the glass-plate behind the characters as a displacement map to distort the flare and I think it worked out pretty well!
Below are three frames of the scene as it looks now:

And here are the scene itself. *Note: The Video has a few sound effects enabled that might be loud. Mind your volume*

I would love to get some critique on this scene. I like it overall, but the “feeling” could be improved.
The sound is not final. I just threw some cool sound effects to test it out, and it is in this direction I want to take it. I’m not a sound guy, so if you got a few pointers, don’t be afraid to post them!

The following video is my current progress on the first combat scene. It’s work in progress, and I will probably replace the icons for something better looking. What do you think of the movement of the icons? Too fast? To blurry? Fullscreen recommended.

That’s all for now!

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  1. I think the animation of the icons looks pretty good, I’d just like to suggest you make them much larger. If one were to watch it from distance or not in full screen, the text would be unreadable and the icons would be hard to see. At least twice the size, probably more, would read much better I think. Except from that, awesome job.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Gås! 😀
    I’ll probably increase the size, yes 🙂

    Moe: Thanks! ^^

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