Final Result


Not that much time left

Hey everyone! Here’s a new video where I’ve done some more colour correcting and added a snowfall effect. I’m currently preparing for doing my (semi)final renders, testing out final gather settings and stuff like that. Once I get those out I’ll have to go back and redo some tracking and roto in Nuke in order to match it up with the new animation.

Enter smoke

Howdy! The project is moving along at a steady pace, with few and relatively small bumps. I’ve had the batch render stop working after I’ve added nCloth dynamics (for the flags) to the scene, so that’s caused me some minor trouble (simple is best: I copied the flags and whatever geo would be masking them to another scene). I’ve rendered out a plane of the standard Maya water shader and used it to mask some more details into the reflection. The smoke you see is one sequence rendered from Maya. I duplicated the clip in Nuke and timed it differnetly, so that the smoke wouldn’t be in synch, followed by some rescaling and finally matchmoving the clips by tracking their respective funnels.
There’s been some work done in Nuke which isn’t around in this version of the clip. It’s mostly minor color corrections based on some neat critique I recieved yesterday.

I’m currently waiting for a new render with changed animation to pop out. This will also be the first version to have the flags attached.

On fluids, particles, and their brethren. And more stuff!

Here’s a screenshot of the “foam” up close in Maya. As you can see, it’s nothing but particle clouds being emitted from the bow and colliding with the ship and water plane. It’s an extremely simple solution that fills it’s purpose at the set distance, and the sequence renders over lunch.

Another problem that I’ve tackled is the sharpening artifacts in my footage (bright halos around dark objects). I was looking at possibly running the frames through Adobe After Effects using a promising script I found ( but alas, After Effects 6.5 is long gone and backwards compatibility doesn’t seem to stretch that far with the new CS versions. I ended up bashing my head into Nuke until I found a solution by myself.

It’s not 100% good, but it’s still a big improvement.
The minus operation combining the footage with a blurred version of itself gives me a mask for edges, pretty much. Inverting it, and then multiply-merging it with the unaltered footage, darkens down those bright edged very neatly. It also did some harm to specular details on the af Chapman in the background, but these are covered by HMS Fylgia anyway. If my hand was forced I could save ’em with some roto action.

Last night I tried to render out some funnel smoke, but as I arrived at school this morning I found it had only finished a measly 22 out of roughly 600 frames. I did find the computer extremely slow, actually to the point of being unworkable, when calculating the dynamics. Couldn’t even playblast the bloody thing, so it was a shot in the dark. I’ll make another attempt today using my own computer.

I’ll finish this post by showing a closeup just aft of the bridge. I rendered it by mistake, but I thought it illustrated quite well how scaled back things are in terms of geometry and texture.


Hey! Here’s a small update for this week. I’ve worked with some of the different effects that I wanted for the shot. I’ve made a quick and easy “wake foam” using particle clouds emitted from the ships bow, and a salutation shot being fired by on of the guns (now animated!). The barrels will need to have their colour changed in order to make them more visible. I’ve also started toying with npaticles for the snowfall, aside from putting a few hours into improving the “reflection”.

Milestone 2

Howdy! Here’s a short update for MS2!

As you know, I’ve finished the modeling, and now I’ve combined that in a rendering with textures. The texturing was extremely straightforward: Planar UV-mapping was used on the hull and funnels, followed by a quick workover in Photoshop. For the rest of the ship I feel content with simply assigning different objects with different materials. All of this was rounded off with some more color adjustments in Nuke.

Next up is the wake effect! I think I know a smart way to handle it.

Model done!


I’m going to call the model done for now! I’ve added the railing and ladders, and I’ve made a couple of cardboard cut-out sailors that I will arrange about the ship. At the final size they should be fine – I might add some minor rotation/translation animation. I’m also planning to make and add some ncloth flags, but today I’m moving on to texturing.

Modelling Almost Done

Hello, my devout followers!  I’m nearly done with modelling the ship. I hope to be done with the railing and ladders today, as well as some other minor details. It’s pretty amazing how much some thin wire rope and rigging can add to the appearance. As you might see, the deck is quite bare. There should be all manners of different hatches and portholes, but since they won’t be visible int he final shot I’ve decided to skip out on ’em, at least for now.

770000 tris and counting ^^

Modelling Progress

Here’s how the model is looking so far. There’s still quite a list of things to do (and it needs to be done soon), but I’m checking it off at a steady pace.

I first started modelling with almost full usage of smoothed mode (3), but I eventually switched out of that habit to avoid ending up with 4-5 times more geometry than I could possibly need for the envisioned viewing distance, as well as reaching a better control on where my extrudes and such ended up on a surface.

Startup light and fiddling around in Nuke

I’ve started on setting up the lights in Maya to match my material. Final gather is proving itself a bit dodgy with its flickering, but I should have time to get it working/work around it.

It should be apparent that I’ve done some cropping to smarten up the composition a bit. I can always adjust this later on if it’s not working out.

I did a quick attempt at the ship’s “reflection” or what you would call it, looking mostly at af Chapman there in the background for reference. It definitively needs to be more detail on the water surface for this to work, so I will see if I can clone in details from other areas.