Final result!

Final result! Atleast for the gradshow. I will tweak it further afterwards, especially when it comes to sound effects.


If you want to download the full HD version, click Here
Here’s a short breakdown.

Working on rendering and preparing compositing.

Here’s a quick comp of the encounter. There’s some rotoing to do and the colors aren’t graded properly yet either. I will also add some motion blur and some additional stock footage of snow debris.

Here’s also a picture of a quick comp on the first scene.

Cloth progress

Since the animation is more or less done, I’d figured I’d start with the cloth simulation. Some tweaks with the characteristics are needed, but the setup was easy. I used texture maps to determine collide and stickiness on the mesh, and then used a high solver setting on the nucleus.

Animation progress with muscles.

Here’s the current state of things. The animation for this shot is nearly done now, so I can start working on the cloth simulation for the scarf. After some good advice from my mentor Mattias Bergbom, I scaled Garth a bit to fix the line-of-sight issue between Garth and Eric. The muscle system is active, and there is jiggle simulation on the wings aswell. Some further tweaking with the muscle behaviour and deformation is necessary.

Weekly update on rigg and animations

Here’s some progress clips on both the rigg and the animations. As you can see on the rigg I still have some weight issues to deal with, and I might need to add some musculatur, jiggle and sliding effects. But the rigg is finished atleast, so it’s easy to add that later on.

Regarding the animation progress, as you can see, there’s more to be done but I’m getting there. One issue however is that Erik’s line of sight mismatches with the animation. Don’t know how I’m gonna fix that. I have some additional shots with Erik that might work, or I just have to either adapt the animation or just leave it as it is.

Tomorrow I’m gonna hopefully start with the textures and after that cloth simulation, scene setup, lighting and then off to render and comp. Sounds easy enough 😛

Rigging done and animation begun

So, the rig is done and the muscles system is working. Still got some weighting and muscle adjustment to do, (the jiggle effect is too large right now) and I might add som features like blendshapes for facial expressions, but for now the rigg is good to go for the overall animations. Facial expressions are somewhat on the wishlist right now, since I don’t really have any close-up shots on the gargoyle. They would almost purely be for exhibition purposes, as they most probably won’t be noticed in the movie clip.
Here’s a playblast of the encounter between Erik and Garth.

I’ve also begun setting up the shader. There’s no texture yet, just trying different means to get that frosty feeling on the surface. By using the node mrbumpflake to generate the noise and extract the specular highlights from that shader and merging it with the mia shader I’m gonna use, I think I’ve got a working shader for the gargoyle skin. Gonna give him some texture during this week, and also work on the animations. The animations you see here are more to test the muscle system, and the background is still a temporary matte. I’m working on a better matte that will suit the filmed light conditions and surroundings.


Here’s a previz I made yesterday. It’s really ugly, but it will give you a hint on what it’s all about.
Oh, and i might add that nothing is final and everything except the filmed material are placeholders.

Low poly with displacement maps.

A test render on the low poly with displacement maps added. The eyes aren’t in the mesh yet and as you can see there’s some artifacts on the wings, and also on the eye-lids, so some additional tweaking is required. The low poly has at this state a total of 20720 triangles.