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February 28, 2012 at 22:38Category:Uncategorized

As one can see it was some time since my last update, so I thought it be about time I explained what I was up to!

Since MS2 I’ve noticed that the spine didn’t quite articulate as expected due to faulty rotation orders. This was a major problem so I had my spine redone (it’s for the better I promise). With both hips and chest controls then having new rotation orders, and lots of feedback on how little space the Huldra occupied of the screen, I went into the blocking in of the animation once again.


As she has jumped down and started pacing toward the camera I thought a flock of birds might catch her attention getting her to change direction. I’m trying to get the timing and spacing better for the walk when her back is toward the camera. Or actually for the whole shot as I want her to linger more as the birds catches her attentin and also right before the defensive pose.

I never wanted her to be run over by the camera, but I didn’t manage to make up my mind about which direction for her to run of to – think I’ll settle for the direction I got so far.

And in other news, I modeled most muscle deform objects for the legs and arms. Tried different ways to get the abdominal muscles move the way I want them to, which I’m still having a hard time with but toward the end of the week I expect to have some rough muscle weight paints down. With only roughly three weeks left for the project I’m starting to feel the heat.