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Blendhapes with new vertices

Today I connected the blendshapes to the Huldra. Before I did so I had to add some more edge loops around the eyes by order from Andreas to easier rig the eyes. And as I predicted this caused problem with the connecting of the blendshapes. The vertices after the edge loop tool got different names. I tried to search for a solution for this but found nothing. Originally I had planned to use the transfer attributes by to change the names on the vertices.. But there was no such thing. So I came to a different solution.

First I separated the head from the original mesh and made as many copies of the head as there was blendshapes. Then I positioned them close the respective blendshapes and used the transfer attributes and changed the vertex position and vertex normal with sample settings set to UV. This changed the new duplicated head to the same shape as the imported blendshapes. Then I just deleted history on the new head, made the connection to the old head, reattached the head with combine. And voila 😀 blendshapes done. Of course there was a lot of trial and error. But now it works as a charm. I also have displacementmaps for the blendshapes. But I’ll connect them some other time this week.


I tested a render in the light scene with the blendhapes on. There are still work to be done on the texture, also the normalmaps are some what strange. Have to render a new one. Then of course the ao and the eyes have to texture and no shine. But we’ll get there 🙂

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