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Milestone 2

February 20, 2012 1 Comment on Milestone 2


Here is a video with what we have so far. Most key poses are in place but will be reviewed as we’ve gotten some comments on the size of the Huldra which we will consider. With about half the project time left we still have to do the following:

– Deform Rigg

– Textures

– More detailed environment to get shadow passes

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  1. Tomas Tjernberg Reply
    February 25, 2012 at 19:47

    You are off to a nice start here! Good poses and nice spacing.

    However, I think the huldra should get more screen space. Right now there’s no real need to do a complex muscle system and awesome displacement mapping because you barely get to see the model up close. The thing you want to show off here is the Huldra in all its glory.

    I think that the Huldra could enter closer to the camera, and even let her move along the trail closer to the camera for a while in the beginning. Maybe even having her in a framing showing her from the waist up, looking around and then maybe sprint ahead to the part where she is gracing and feeling the rock, which is really nice.

    The other thing is the ending. I think it looks strange that the camera is just running her over and it becomes apparent that this background plate was not meant for this character in the first place. You should try to overcome that and use the character to control the action in the scene.

    If she needs to exit the frame I think she should do so by herself. Maybe she can use one of the rocks on the left side to climb out?

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