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Blendshapes done

February 16, 2012 2 Comments on Blendshapes done

So the blendshapes are done. If we notice that there not enough we’ll add some more, but this will do for now.


??Possible problem??

When I tested the blendhapes with displacementmaps where I had removed the faces that would not be deformed, I separated the head from the body and then duplicated the head THEN I made the blendshapes from the copied mesh in maya, imported them into zbrush, made displacementmaps and then hooked them all up to the original mesh in maya.. NOW question, is it possible to export a bunch of meshes from zbrush into maya, and somehow remove the faces that won’t be blended and still connect the blendshapes to the original mesh WITHOUT maya complaining about missing faces? If someone knew if I just painted myself into a corner, it would be nice to know. If someone have a solution.. that would be nice to know to. Maybe I can transfer vertices names from the original mesh to the blendshape ones. They all have the same uv.

Will do some tests later today 🙂 now, dinner!

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  1. man Reply
    July 19, 2012 at 11:26

    Ohh It’s just simply amazing work. I like the expressions of the character. Can you post the wireframes of you character expression. it would be great man. you are awesome. thumbs up

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