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Spine IK – the second.

Ok, I just couldn’t keep myself from doing it so I spent the day improving the spine rigg.

I figured I’d also publish a clip featuring the improved motion achieved – not that I’m going to show the previous one! I was reminded by something I read at a forum post looking for solutions to creating a good spine rigg while doing the research for the project – it went something like: Riggers have a tendency to over-complicate the riggs while the animator just want it to work. Starting to wonder if this makes me more of a rigger or an animator.

Anywho – will have the brand new spine up and running in the actual rigg by tomorrow lunch I’m predicting. And fear not – an explenation for how the whole rigg was done, will probably be written toward the end of the project.

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  1. moaalf Reply
    February 10, 2012 at 09:33

    Sweet! Good job An-An!

  2. Tomas Tjernberg Reply
    February 15, 2012 at 16:13

    Nice looking setup. I know that you probably want to push onto the animation stage, but if you have the time please do an overview on how you’ve created the rig.
    You don’t have to go into every little detail, but a general overview with descriptions of the features and construction would be nice to see.

    Great work so far!

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