Spine IK – the second.

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February 9, 2012 at 23:00Category:Uncategorized

Ok, I just couldn’t keep myself from doing it so I spent the day improving the spine rigg.

I figured I’d also publish a clip featuring the improved motion achieved – not that I’m going to show the previous one! I was reminded by something I read at a forum post looking for solutions to creating a good spine rigg while doing the research for the project – it went something like: Riggers have a tendency to over-complicate the riggs while the animator just want it to work. Starting to wonder if this makes me more of a rigger or an animator.

Anywho – will have the brand new spine up and running in the actual rigg by tomorrow lunch I’m predicting. And fear not – an explenation for how the whole rigg was done, will probably be written toward the end of the project.