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Rigging Done.

February 8, 2012 No Comments on Rigging Done.

I’m a few days behind schedule but at last the rigg is done. With done I mean I only have some minor “cosmetic” bugs, like I wanted the IK control object for the arms to have the same orientation as the wrist – as the roatation of the control doesn’t matter at all. And also while posing the skeleton I noticed I missed adding driven key so that I could pivot the hind-leg from the hoof.

Now I’m either going to split a low poly mesh to use for animation or I might make a quick skin-bind and later jump into making the muscle deform objects.

And also – not entierly happy with how the spine rigg works. It posed much more of a challenge to create a somewhat anatomically correct spine rigg when it came to IK, but I think I have an idea of how to fix it. Might just do with 3 driving IK joint chains instead of two. One for Lumbar section, one for Thoracic and one for the neck to better achieve the agility of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. For the time being it’s only seperated at the Cervical-Thoracic intersection which has led to the chest being pretty hard to keep from intersecting the spine.

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