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February 2, 2012 at 16:38Category:Uncategorized

I thought that it would be on it’s place to say that me and Andreas has found ourself some mentors for our project.

Andreas found a mentor for animation/rigging Tomas Tjernberg from Stiller Studios, an old student from gscept.

And I found two guys from the deviantart community that work with modeling in the game and film industry and they were kind enough to help with some feedback on the character 🙂

David Grasso a modeller in the film industry.

And Jon Troy Nickel  a modeller in the game industry.


/Guys if your reading this, I can’t give you enough credit! It REALLY means a lot, tnks 🙂


They’ve both given me good pointers on the anatomy and I feel like now is a good time to start on some detailing. So started with some bark on the back (1. help texture and sculpt, 2. without texture), zbrush project texture is very neat 😀 (3.) Also started with some pores in the face, and some detailing on the branches.

I’m hoping that the sculpt will be ready for retopologising in the end of the weekend.