Lighting attempt

I watched a lot of lighting tutorials, but still I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m trying to think about what would look nice and dramatic and not be too concerned with what’s physically accurate. I have some fog in the scene, which I rendered with Maya software because it takes no time and Mental ray seems a bit cranky when it comes to shadows. I might change the angle of the fog, though to match the light better.There’s some sprite dust particles floating around up in there. Right now I’ve removed all the materials and applied a plain, grey mia_material so I can test render and not have to wait a month to see the result. The character is now in what I call “sausage legs mode” because Ludvig is doing some skirt simulations. The lantern is too bright so I’ma turn it down some. For this render I had preview quality but Final gather turned on. I’m hoping to do something more interesting with the colors. If anyone have some tips concerning lighting, please feel free to enlighten me.

A little of this, a little of that.

I’ve been doing some various things these last couple of days. Mostly it’s been all about putting everything together and making the scene work. I’ve made some simple particle dust, textured some objects.. retextured some objects. Mari really makes the whole texturing process quick and efficient so if I need to make any changes it takes almost no time at all.

I made some smaller rocks that can be placed wherever in the scene. I’ve also tried out paint effects for grass which I think could work out with some tweaking.

Displacement maps and coffee

That’s what this day has been all about. I have been trying to get my floor models out from Zbrush and in to our scene. This time I uv-mapped my lowpolys before sculpting the details. Since the floor is made from several objects, the displacement maps all had different grey values when I baked them in Zbrush due to their relative size in the scene. This was easy to fix with levels in Photoshop, though.

On the parts that I had used clipping brushes I had to use xNormal for the normal map since the ones I got from Zbrush gave me a lot of artifacts. But finally all the parts are on the same texture map, they all have displacement maps and normal maps, the entire lowpoly is 1264 faces and all is swell.

Our first idea was to have a worn mosaic floor, similar to the byzantine ones we have in our moodboard. But we decided that it just might look to busy and we ended up going for a simpler look.

This is how much of the floor that will be visible in the scene. Actually, it’s probably less than that.

Environment update

Anneli here, with an update on the asset we named “archs”. These pillars are part of the archs that will be seen behind the ferryman. I tried some different approaches on how to make the details, such as the leaves and swirlie patterns on the capitals. In the end what proved to be most efficient was to model one leaf in Maya, use Zbrush for details on the surface and minor tweaks to the shape, and then just make copies and place them around a cylinder using duplicate special. Since two pillars will be visible I’ve modeled one, duplicated it, and just rotated it so they wont look exactly the same. Still have some work left on the capitals and one of the pillars will be more deteriorated than the other.

Modelling workflow

Today I’ve been busy  working out an efficient pipeline for asset creation. We have divided the environment into seven parts, some of which will be placed as cards in Nuke.

We want our scene to look believable compared with our actor, so getting the materials and textures looking realistic will be important. Me and Ludvig have started modelling some pillars. I’ve started on this one, it’s supposed to be in the foreground of the shot, partly visible.


Concept progress

Good evening!

I’m in the process of making concepts for our scene. Right now I’m trying out different variations for the character and the environment. Neither of these are final, the plan is to have them ready by Sunday. Me and Ludvig have been adjusting the camera and rearranging the environment in the previs to make the composition better.