I have been animating for a while. The wings aren’t dynamic in this playblast, and I’m testing how different camera movements work together with the live action footage right now. The animation will need tweaking as the skinning and dynamics become more refined, and as soon as we have working blendshapes I can start taking it those final inches. I’m pretty satisfied with this. I could tweak it for weeks, obviously, but I think this is as far as I can go given the time I have.

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3 thoughts on “Animation.

  1. Looks great guys! I’m really looking forward to seeing the final!

    I would work on the first pose and the transition to the kneeling.

    When he goes from the first pose to where he leans with his torso in to the frame and his hips opposite, he becomes unbalanced and it looks like he is defying gravity a bit. And the cain doesn’t seem to be helping him with his balance.

    I think you would benefit if you find him a couple of strong poses between the first and the kneeling. I would make the first move (him looking at the hero?) a bit snappier, and maby reposition the cain or the leg (leg is obviously a lot more work) before an anticipating-pose to the kneeling. Maby straightening his posture up before leaning down. It would also make him more threatening I think. Evil deep breath? Am I making any sense? 🙂

    The kneeling looks great, but his hips are moving straight down. That’s really hard to do in real life… Also, think about the overlaping action of the limbs when kneeling.
    Keep an eye on his sillouette when doing the key poses.

    I hope my critique is helpful and not just annoying. 😉

    /Björn Svanström

  2. I think I see what you mean, looks like I haven’t been as thorough with key poses at the start of the animation as I’ve tried to be during the kneeling action. Good critique, hopefully I will have the time to fix this stuff when the rig gets blendshapes and I have to go over the whole thing again anyway. “The Other Björn” has talked about making a “breathing” blendshape, so the deep breath thing is totally doable and would look cool.

    Btw, I punched through the screen as I read your comment, and I have already broken two keyboards in rage while writing this. Criticizing ME? The outrage! ;D

    Seriously though, thanks a lot, hope you’ll keep commenting! Peas ut!

  3. no more peas.

    This-Björn says a lot of fancy animating words; my main comment is that he seems a bit… slow. It’d be awesome to straighten him out before he kneels down, and other little poses and thingiemabobs here and there to spice it up, but time being what it is, I just think he needs to move faster, even if it means him being more still here and there.

    Of course, it’d be neat to see the footage of Micke in there, so one can gauge how they act against each other.

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